Dear friends, family and mysterious internet dwellers

We need your help to make our short film The Daughter. It's the story of an elderly man and a young single mother who blur the lines of fantasy as they try to heal each other’s family-inflicted wounds.

The film is a very honest declaration of hope that our innate human empathy is the thing most likely to save us from ourselves.

While we don't want to give away the whole plot of the film we can tell you that The Daughter is a beautiful, tragic, funny story with a surprising resolution that will resonate long after the credits roll.

We think the film's theme of forgiveness is timely and will challenge audiences to reflect on the nature of compassion. But we’re not preachers. Our 'cause' is a compelling cinematic work that contributes to the art form while standing apart from the crowd. 

We believe that with your help The Daughter is destined for international film festivals and we’d greatly appreciate your support in getting it there. We hope that you'll pitch in simply because you want to support the people involved and see our film made. But everyone who donates will get an immediate (imaginary) High-5 and also have their name immortalised (for real) with a thank you in the film credit roll.


Writer-Director Summer Agnew, Producer Lissandra Leite, EP Dan Higgins, leading actors Darneen Christian & Peter McCauley and a supremely talented crew who believe that with your help we can make an outstanding film.


The absolute bare minimum we need to make the kind of high-quality film that will do justice to your precious donation. Our crowdfunding goal is $10K which will cover the hard costs we can't credit card, barter for, or defer.

Practically this means your donation will go towards hiring equipment, locations, costume, props, as well as feeding our actors and crew who are donating their time.


Please make a donation.
Every little bit helps no matter how small and it’s super easy for you to donate via a local bank transfer directly to our bank account in either:

New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK or Europe (SEPA)

To make a donation

• From a New Zealand bank account: click here for our NZ account details

• From a EURO bank: click here for our Belgian bank account details

• From an Australian bank account: click here for our AUS account details

• From a UK bank account: click here for our UK account details

• From a USA bank account: click here for our USA account details

• Canadian friends & friends from elsewhere can make a USD transfer to our USA bank account

• Alternatively, you can donate via PayPal by logging into your PayPal account and clicking "send" to the PayPal address

• If you're a Producer and would like to be involved at Associate Producer credit level (NZD1K) or Executive producer credit level (NZD5K) or at Co-Production company credit level (NZD5K) we'd be pleased to hear from you at


Because crowdfunding platforms charge a percentage fee to use their platform and we want to put every single cent of your donation on-screen. Our TransferWise account in the above territories allows you to make a direct donation via your internet banking avoiding any credit card transaction fees. 


Thanks for your support. It all adds up so anything you care to donate will be a tremendous help getting The Daughter up on the big screen.

Update: We've reached 50% of our crowdfunding goal. We'd love to have you behind us too - please follow links above to donate and check in with our Facebook page to stay updated